February 26, 2000

Shoe Shopping

This afternoon I went to the mall, looking for a pair of sandals. My boyfriend has a pair that I like, and he says they are really comfortable, so I wanted to get a pair for myself. Wouldn't you know it, those shoes only come in Guy's sizes. A big PFFT!!!! to that.

Who decides that a certain shoe is for guys only? I guess I could have asked for a size 6, but somehow I don't think that would have been very fruitful. It's sexist. So, I bought a pair I didn't like as much, but maybe they'll be comfortable too. I'll let you know when it gets warmer.

One more thing: why do tennis shoes cost so much? PFFT! to shoes. I should go barefoot.

Published: February 26, 2000
Editor: stacy

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