February 28, 2000

   by hornitos <>

Today, I had the clever idea of going to the dentist for a cleaning session. I'm wearing braces so I thought that a cleaning session would be handy, but now the real reason that I went was 'cause I might be a little lazy when it comes to brushing my teeth, and how can I resist a deal that somebody else is going to do the dirty work?

Everything was going great until I heard the dentist say --OOOhhhhh NO, looks like we have a problem here. !!!

PFFT...... MAN !!!!!!! I have heard this before when I was doing an oil change to my truck, after hearing that I had to get a new set of brakes, new transmission oil, and change my air filter -- not to mention that I also had to rotate the tires, so instead of spending $12.99 it was more like $58.99.

Well since I don't want to make the story too long, I got a new Advanced Sonic toothbrush, I'm under tooth therapy, and the BEST PFFT: my appointments have to be as soon as possible since I'm in a very advanced stage of a gum illness which some doctors have linked to heart problems.

PFFT, they indeed did some cleaning....

Published: February 28, 2000
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