February 28, 2000

Buy a clue? Anyone?
   by WaZzZzuP <>

Ya know what frosts my ass? Clueless people...

What really gets me is how clueless some folks are. No matter how many times, what language, different ordering of the words, etc... they still choose not to understand. I mean how freaking difficult is it to LISTEN? Not hard at all you say, right? Wrong.

Rather than launch into some vitriolic tirade extoling the virtues of cluefulness, I'd rather touch on the finer points of clueLESSness. I know, I know, get ON with it already. I am, hold your ass!

I dealt with a particularly clueless person this evening. Mind you, this person is normally clueless about all things technical and yet this person manages to go along with whatever anyone says. I suppose so this person can show they are truly "with it", perhaps. Bzzzt, wrong answer.

Please, God, give me the strength to avoid the temptations that arise when the ranks of clueless descend upon me with stupid questions, repetitive questions, and ignorant questions. I'd love nothing better than to reach down my connection and touch that persons soul...with an axe!

All I ask is for some help, please? Is that too much to ask?

I used to attend church and all that crap on Sundays. (I hated getting dressed up.) Now that I am grown and have no children of my own (that I know of), I am wise to the ways of the world and I'd like to think others who have had children and done the whole family biz are now entitled to join us, the few, the proud, the clueful. Hah!

I'd give my left something-or-other if folks would LISTEN. Come on here, it's not that difficult. Reading comprehension is a vital part of our lives. Read it, know it, live it!

I'd also donate other important parts of the anatomy if someone could invent a device, aka the clue BAT, and knock the moron upside their noggin in the hopes they would obtain complete cluefulness; not unlike the Dhali Lama when he gained complete conscienceness, I might add.

Ahh, but alas, I digress. It's a sad, twisted, clueless world we live in and for that, I am also grateful. Hell, we'd have no use for tech support personnel if everyone had a damn clue!

So, I guess my argument doesn't mean a damn thing, now, does it?


Published: February 28, 2000
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