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March 1, 2000

Super cool SPARC Ultra5??
   by rameses <>

There I was, hoping this would be a peaceful workday. No projects screaming for immediate assistance. I was all set to type up some documents that were due months ago....

In walks a dude with a supercool Sparc Ultra 5 workstation with a CD drive, floppy drive, 700MB that would be a pretty thing to have on my desk.

"We've been ordered to set this up for you sir, would you kindly log out and step out of the cube?" he said.

"Would I?" I retorted. blip! log out!

Smiling, I watch the dude unpack the workstation from its shiny plastic case and in a reverie of working on those boring documents listening to my 'Rob Zombie' CD in this new CD drive....aaahh!! So the dude sets up the workstation and reaches out to plug in the monitor cable and PFFT!! the monitor would not fit because the port on the new Ultra SPARC5 could not handle the monitor cable.

Find an adapter, get me a new monitor but please don't take the work station away!!
"PFFT," says he, "step back sir, I will have to take this back until you get an adapter or get yourself a new monitor."
Why didn't Sun include adapters in all the new machines they send out, assuming there would be people with old monitors, and what is product management doing? PFFT!

Well, to top that 'PFFT' the guy didn't even plug my old workstation back in -- almost as if it wasn't worth his time.
Perturbed, I return back to my old WS hoping some project manager would scream for my expertise to get their project back on track and sure enough the phone rang!!
PFFT ....

Published: March 1, 2000
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