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March 7, 2000

31 Hours of Inefficiency
   by rameses <>

It takes time to configure a Sun workstation, I understand. It takes an hour, perhaps a few hours to set it up and get it all working. That's why we have a department called Data Services whose sole job is to ensure employees have no reason to goof around the halls and blame the damn computer or network for doing so.

I have a new Ultra Sparc on my desk since 10am yesterday. Data Services put it there, connnected the monitor(yes, I got the adapter), powered it up, and left. PFFTT!!
Did anybody leave a note saying, "I'm working on this. Will get it running in 2 hours?" No!
Did anybody stop by this morning to see if the machine was working? No!

As of 5pm today the machine is dead and I'm wandering the halls playing with a rubber ball and using other peoples PCs & workstations when I find one unused, which is cool, but what is the Data Services dude doing? Why isn't he fixing my workstation? PFFT!!

All this comes when US statistics show that an employee is at his highest productivity due to advances in technology...PFFT!!
Now where's that damn ball?

Published: March 7, 2000
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