March 8, 2000

On Politics
   by stacy <>

Does anyone really care about politics anymore? The Republican and Democratic primaries are going on in many states in the US, and they will continue until the summer when the parties will gear up for the big showdown in November. But who is voting? Are there any Jane or John Does out there going to vote over their lunch hour or after work?

I ask because I go to a major university, and it is having its student body officer elections over the next two weeks, and I couldn't care less who wins. I know that's partially because I'm a senior and most of these people are a couple of years younger than me and I'm not familiar with them. Also, I won't be around next year when these kids start instituting their policies, and I admit that the fate of those doomed to more time in the university isn't really on my mind much. I say, "PFFT!" to those who encourage me to vote and "make a difference." I've got better things to do than pretend I care.

Published: March 8, 2000
Editor: stacy

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