March 23, 2000

Inept people

Ok, so I know I have to go every year for tests at the local hospital. I generally call up my doctor's office, and have them schedule the tests so they can get the orders to the hospital. Simple eh? WRONG. I get to the hospital 5 minutes early, check in and begin my wait. After about 20 minutes, the receptionist comes over and says they don't have any orders for me. Cool!! The person in charge of the dept that does the one test though has reviewed my records and seen that there was a note that it was to be done annually so she agrees to do it with no orders. In the meantime, they are trying frantically to call my doctor to get the orders for the second test.

Ok, we now have the first test done and walk over to radiology for the second test. Surprise surprise, still no orders. We begin the wait. Doctor's office is called again. No one is answering. They are in a meeting. An hour later they get through to the office, only to be told someone will have to call them back. I have now been at the hospital for 2 hours!!. PFFT. Think I am going to wait any longer? NO. So to all you people who work in a doctor's office and do a half ass job..a big PFFFFFT!

Published: March 23, 2000
Editor: stacy

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