March 23, 2000

Dumbasses and selective breeding
   by WaZzZzuP <>

Hola Amigos.

Wanted to take a few minutes of your time to point out how fucking stupid some drivers can be. I was heading to my casa on this state's interpretation of a road when some dickhead in a Dodge Neon decides he wants to pass. For brevity, lets call him dickhead In The Neon or DITN for short. Ok, I'm driving a vehicle that craps bigger than that little piece o` problem right? Only one problem.

Oncoming traffic.

I jam the brakes, swerve to the right shoulder so DITN can get by me without becoming a greasey smear on the road. You'd think that would be enough for DITN but noooooooooo. Two cars ahead of me and he attempts it again! This time, DITN felt he was being impeded by the current flow of traffic so lo and behold he does it again. Now there's not only 1 car approaching but 2. No worries, DITN passes anyway and this time the 2 vehicles in front of me swerve to the right and DITN only passes the oncoming traffic on the LEFT shoulder. What a DICK!

Why is it someone like me is stopped for exceeding the speed limit by 10 mph or so on a deserted stretch of interstate and I am considered a danger to society by the local Constabulary and this ignorant moron nearly causes a multi-car head-on pileup by pulling that stupid ass stunt? Where's the fairness here folks?

Some heads need to roll damnit and they need to roll NOW! I'm sick and tired of being singled out,(paranoia complex here folks) and garnering the label of miscreant because I exceed the precious speed limit by a few stinking mph.

I was incredulous. Can you tell?

Anyway, the bottom line here is this: Go right ahead all you wanna-be DITN's and pass cars on a two lane road with no dotted line on your side, with approaching traffic too. See if I give a rats ass. Please don't do it where I happen to be travelling. If I witness it and you get your sorry ass wiped all over the road, I will stop, raise my fist in a salute, yell PFFT! at the top of my lungs and thank the Big Kahuna above for subscribing to the theory of selective breeding. Only the strong shall survive. Maybe you, DITN will do us all a favor and win Darwin's award someday.

Published: March 24, 2000
Editor: stacy

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