March 24, 2000

Leave My Ass Alone
   by rameses <>

Working in an expert support role for projects has its ups and downs.

Ups: people listen to you and think highly of you because you saved their ass more than once when the project was already late by months.

Downs: the damn fuckers don't know when to stop asking you for help. for God's sake try and learn the shit and stop the need for baby sitting. PFFT !!

With pagers and cell phones rampant, vacation means nothing because these fuckers still get you while you are on the same continent, but one would think that if you are on another country and in another time zone you'd think these pricks would leave you alone. I've had people ask for my hotel phone number so they could reach me before 12 midnight in Europe, since it was only 4 in the evening to the west of the Atlantic. PFFFT !!

What do they think? I don't have a life? I may be scratching my nuts, eating a bag of peanuts and watching 'Blair Witch Project' at 2am in my hotel room but that doesn't mean I am bored.

To all the fuckers who need customer support at 12 midnight I say PFFT!... and grab a bag of peanuts.

Published: March 24, 2000
Editor: stacy

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