March 31, 2000

Online Outlaw or Real-Life Idiot
   by stacy <>

Those of us who have been online long enough to become acquainted with some of the less savory characters think we know all the traits of young hackers, or script kiddies as they are often called. They are smart, unassuming, usually well-liked by teachers and relatives if not very well-known, simply because they don't talk much and keep to themselves. Online, however, they take on the bravada of a gang member with trash-talking, infamous exploits, and a catch-me-if-you-can attitude.

We have been so wrong.

An article appeared at Wired that tells the story of one of these script kiddies, an especially troubled and unsavory fellow who likes to call himself MostHateD. He terrorized web sites and IRC networks for years with his hacking, denial of service, and defacement activities before law enforcement finally caught him. This is all common knowledge. What Wired describes though, is that he was unable to make his first court date regarding the hacking crimes because he was in jail for breaking into a house and stealing a car.

I was shocked. I honestly never suspected a script kiddie would have the nerve to pull off such real-life hijinks. MostHateD must have been awfully surprised to find out the police are much better at tracking down car thieves than they are hackers. I wonder if he drove around the neighborhood in the car he stole or left a note in the house he broke into that said, "This house defaced by MostHateD!"

Between laughs, I'm saying PFFT! at all script kiddies everywhere, and I'm hoping they all try their hand at real-life crimes. I'm sure they would all be just as successful as MostHateD.

Published: March 31, 2000
Editor: stacy

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