April 7, 2000

Weather Revisited
   by stacy <>

Just as sort of a follow-up to a story posted here a few weeks ago, I thought I would talk a little more about the PFFT! qualities of the weather and those who supposedly forecast it.

It was supposed to be nice here today. The forecast at Weather Underground said we could expect clear skies and warm temperatures all day. It said that this morning, as a matter of fact. Now, I don't want to really gripe at Weather Underground because it's a very nice site, and if you want to see what the official forecast is, I recommend it (mostly because of the nice US-wide current temperature map on the front page), but they can only use what they're told, and that stuff is always wrong.

Same-day forecasts are usually right, though, at least compared to extended forecasts. Those are just completely worthless. I'd do better calling up my Psychic Friend and asking her what the weather will be in a week. At least the weather service gives you bad advice for free.

Today, anything to do with NOT bringing me warm and sunny weather makes me say, "PFFT!"

Published: April 7, 2000
Editor: stacy

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