April 13, 2000

NASDAQ is Bleeding
   by rameses <>

Ok, I know you don't want to see another guy write about the downward spiral the NASDAQ is taking, but at this moment I'd like to pause and think about all those so called financial analysts (PFFT!) who were blabbing all day on TV about the potential market growth for anything with dotcom in their company name. What are those losers doing now? Are they at least telling their audiences to calm down and hang in there? No, they are just shocked and appalled. That's for us investors to do, we who put in our hard earned money. The analysts were supposed to predict the market slump.

I am paid peanuts to predict the failure of multimillion dollar telecommunication equipment and fix it if we run into problems, and all this under tremendous time constraints. For all those Piper Jaffreys, Merrill Lynch, and Smith Barney analysts who get paid thousands by the hour for wearing Armani suits and appearing on CNBC, a big PFFT! to you for hiding in your shells when times are sour. If I ever see any one of you on TV again, be damn sure that I will personally drive down to the station and kick your silly ass till you can bullshit no more!!

I hope someday there will be a law which holds these analysts accountable for their predictions or else get no air time.

Until then, fellow NASDAQ bleeders, hold on to your portfolio and buy more if you can. NASDAQ will probably dip to 3400 points and then make a sweeping ride back up. CNN is not paying me or my opinion..PFFT!!

Published: April 13, 2000
Editor: stacy

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