April 22, 2000

Firefighter shoots fellows, police officer
   by mike <>

Recently, in Tennessee (which explains a lot), a disgruntled firefighter usurped the role of disgruntled postal worker when he called 911 for his "house on fire". Much to the responding fire unit's surprise, he shot and killed two fellow firefighters and a police officer.

Ultimately it was determined that the man had also killed his wife and young child.

Um, just what is going on here?

"Code 3 for Engine 28. Grid 2808, 385 Winnetka Avenue, for the activated fire alarm. Bring your kevlar vests, though, because some jackass might come out with guns ablazing."

What in this country causes people to become so pathetically desperate that their only way to vent is to put a bullet in their partner? The very people whose job is to protect the public are finding themselves the target of random violence.

If you, or someone you know, suddenly find yourselves with no way out, please, go plant a garden or something. Don't shoot people. PFFT! to the lot of you. I beg you, leave the automatic weapons to SWAT teams and pissed-off mail carriers.

Published: April 23, 2000
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