On the Job

April 24, 2000

I hate my boss
   by jonafun

My boss is a tool. First, I get a rash of shit for taking a day off to go to my orthopedic surgeon for a follow-up. Hey, sorry, I like keeping tabs on nerve regeneration. Typing gets hard when your left hand flops dead due to no nerve signal. PFFFFT!

Ok. So I got back into town on Monday night, around 10pm. I checked my work email multiple times. Last time was 1am. And yes, it included the intra-office email. I checked it last at 1:30am, just before I went to bed. No messages from the boss. All is well..... or is it?

I arrived 45 minutes late, that was true. The torrential rains and four multiple car accidents (with injuries! PFFT!) didnt help. As I walked in and said hello to the network guy, I got accosted by our manager, who informed me that I'm 45 minutes late (duh! PFFT!), and I've missed two meetings.

Hello? Meetings? From which nether orifice did you pull this horsecrap?

So I wandered to my desk in a dazed and, admittedly, pissed-off state, and opened Outlook. There, clear as day, were the two meetings. Wait, ho! Check it out! They were assigned at 7:31 AM. I'm supposed to be in at 8:30am. Hmmmmmmm. Craq pipe, anyone?

Anyway. He later apologized, but he's still a tool.


Published: April 25, 2000
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