April 25, 2000

Where has the love gone?
   by mike <>

We've already been "shown the money." I've seen the "stuff dreams are made of." I'm lookin' for the love. Where'd it go? As a group, I doubt there's enough love in the world to bring Tinkerbell back to life in "Peter Pan."

Society has taken on an attitude of "You're walking too slow in front of me. Suck it." Every day, I'm sure some fairy behind me in a Yugo is bitching about how I'm only driving 10 over the limit, and how I need to "suck a fat one." Whatever happened to genuine concern for our fellow man?

Last night my fire department worked a cardiac arrest. We rolled in through the ER doors doing CPR and turned the patient over to the nurses, who subsequently continued our prolonged resuscitation efforts. Some pole-up-his-ass doctor walks in and asks, "Don't you have something better to be doing?" PFFT! Gee sorry, you horse's ass, but my job is to try my damnedest to save people's lives. Even when it looks pointless. Even when I'm sweating like a pig in summer. All the time. Go blow the Marlboro Man, molest Sheri Lewis and Lambchop, take Michael Jackson's babysitting course or whatever tickles your pickle.

I understand life isn't getting any easier. Some people are having trouble just making ends meet these days. I've got no quarrel with you, I totally agree that each person's welfare needs to come before that of others. It does for me. I'm griping at you rich snobs that drive around in Cadillacs, acting like you own the road, that have the cahones to piss and moan about how the homeless are the 'downfall of society.' Jesus. It's either smoking or the homeless - pick one. ;-)

Honestly, though, what happened to the good ol' days? When you said a kind 'Hello' to your fellow man as you pass on the sidewalk? Would it really kill you to help an old lady pick up her groceries that she dropped all over the sidewalk? She can't help it if she's weak and feeble. Stop your laughing and gawking and give her a hand for once, He-Man.

Hell, nowadays, the Boy Scouts are even on the defensive. They're weeding out the gays and wielding pocketknives as they hold up liquor stores at the ripe old age of thirteen. Youth are truly the future of America, and if we don't get them pointed in the right direction, they'll never grow up to be President and illicit morally wrong fellatio from the Oval Office while talking to a Senator on the phone.

Such incivility won't take long to totally destroy society. We'll all be as secluded as little Bill Gates, caring about no one but our money and ourselves. Wonderful prospect, isn't it? If you can't find time in your heinously busy day to help someone out once in awhile, or at least be nice to people who share the same air as you, then get the hell off the planet, assface. PFFT.

Published: April 25, 2000
Editor: stacy

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