April 25, 2000

Friends of the National Zoo
   by WaZzZzuP <>

Driving home Monday evening listening to the news I was shocked to hear someone opened fire on a group of school-age children at the National Zoo in Washington, D.C. My biggest shock was not from the fact that there was gunplay involved but that it happened in a city where guns are in fact banned. Oh my! How can this happen? How can this happen in the Nation's Capital, one where Carl Rowan, esteemed columnist and blow-hard Liberal mouthpiece, took aim and fired a .22 cal pistol at a kid who decided to take a late night dip in his pool, about 10 years ago.

Carl was and still is a gun control advocate.

A city that, for more than once under Mayor for Life, Marion Barry, basked in the glory of the dubious title of Murder Capital of the United States, based upon per capita murder rates, was asked what he thought about this.

Marion's ever so thoughtful reply was: Well, Detroit has more people than D.C. so that doesn't really count. Clearly, two shining examples of how gun control advocates are nut-bars and should be locked away forever.

The most critically wounded of the 7 shot at the National Zoo on Monday has some brain functions but they are sadly limited. The DC police have managed to gather some significant clues and hope to have arrests made shortly.

With the usual acts of violence comes those that decry the sad state of society from individuals so desperately out of touch as to be rather laughable.

A prime example:

Fidel Clinton spoke with Law Enforcement and Civil Rights leaders and made a push for hate crimes legislation.

Where is this a hate crime? It's gang violence you idiot. Even DC Police Chief Charles Ramesy declared it gang violence.

When will you gun control nuts get it through your thick skulls? Take the guns out of law abiding citizens hands and only criminals will own guns.

It's sad that children have to be exposed to violence such as this but consider the fact that children were the ones that commited the crimes! Hold the damn parents responsible. Enforce the existing laws already on the books. Mandating new ways of stopping criminals is pointless unless we do something to STOP THEM.

Stop your damn carping about guns. They don't kill people. When someone commits vehicular manslaughter do you hear cries from everyone, other than Al Gore and the environmental wackos, that the the automobile should be banned? I can kill someone just as easily with the 7000 lb tank I drive as someone with a hand gun.

We live in a world full of choices. If you choose not to keep and bear arms, so be it. Stay the hell off my copy of the consitution.

I'm sick of you.

A resounding PFFT!!!!!!......

    to you gun control bastards. You can have my keys and my pistol when you pry them from my cold, dead fingers.

peace, out

Published: April 25, 2000
Editor: stacy

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