May 23, 2000

Let me cash my stock options!!
   by rameses <>

Ok, so you've all heard about it...NASDAQ just hit its lowest of the year. Now its gonna take me forever to buy my dream car.

What the hell is going on? True, interest rates are high, but why the unwanted fear? If Alan Greenspan corrects the market with tools from the old economy (i.e interest rate hikes), it's going to hurt the US and global markets. Inflation control is crap. The new economy is just gonna break all the rules.

See, I believe there is a fuckin' conspiracy going on behind the walls of giant corporations and financial institutions. In the past few years engineers have been building up on their stock options and getting richer on paper. Quarterly 401K statements came in with more money. Your investments in Datek and E*Trade were growing at 40% semi- annually (I even had 40% quarterly). In 2-3 years, 60% of young engineers (ages 25-40) would fuckin' retire and buy a million-dollar house next to Donald Trump and probably screw his model wife when he is not around. You could be driving a Ferrari or Lamborghini and get all the chics that the ugly, single, balding stock broker at Goldman Sachs was getting. An engineer could walk into Tiffany's in jeans and a t-shirt with a smiling penguin on it and buy a $100,000 diamond ring for his girlfriend/wife. Aye Caramba! Jeans in Tiffany's?

So you see, this couldn't happen because those fuckers wouldn't let it happen!! PFFT!! And so the good ol' boys meet and try to wrestle back their control of the financial markets from the tech geeks who have devised ways of sending the stockbroker to eternal starvation cause he was a dumb ass anyway and the masses didn't need him anymore.

Anyway, tomorrow the NASDAQ will spiral downward again, killing the rest of us while the interest rates keep risin'. PFFT! Dot com companies faking their financial reports and making losses are definitely overvalued but what about good technology companies like Nokia, Ericsson, etc?

A big PFFT!! to that fat ass ugly stockbroker who condemns me to my 1985 Honda civic for another 15 years...and makes my stock options worthless !!

Published: May 23, 2000
Editor: robin

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