May 27, 2000

Citizens for Ad-Free Society
   by ZenShadow


Television Commercials.

Radio Commercials.

Magazine Ads.

Web Banner Ads.

Purchase a PC by buying advertising.

Now they want to sell ads based on GPS positioning data (see this article on CNN, entitled "GPS to do wonders for wireless browsing" -- more like 'GPS to do wonders for advertising' in my book). When will the madness end?

Our society is becoming more and more based on advertising. I can foresee a day when we won't be able to do anything without ads flashing in our faces for new products. Does anyone really want to live like that? When will they give up?

Personally, I vote for an ad-free society; give people simple information on what's available. Ban all the 'my product makes you cool' advertising schemes. Live without advertising flashing in our faces. Make the companies work for their money.

Doesn't life sound better that way?

--ZS (PFFT to all the marketroids out there)

Published: May 29, 2000
Editor: stacy

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