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June 6, 2000

Moving On
   by jonafun

As much as I hate change, it seems that it has come time for me to move on in life. I hate my job, my boss gave me this big speech yesterday about how he doesn't want to lose my respect (and then today baselessly accuses me of spying on him, which makes me lose all respect for him), and I'm being lured westward. I really want to go too, because the people I'd be living with are really cool, the job is what I want to do, and the pay is -much- closer to appropriate.

But then the problem is, I hate change. PFFT! Change sucks. I wish everything would stay the same. Then I wouldn't get so freaked out about things changing. But then, I'd still be working here at MultiWreck, hating my job, wishing I could move. PFFT! Damned emotions.

But still, I think I am going to move on. Tomorrow, I'm going to decide which job I want to accept, sign and return the offer letter, and turn in my resignation. Clean out my cube, pull my machine from the colo rack, move all my stuff to the storage locker, and hit the road. It feels good to know that I'm moving on from something that I hate to something I'm going to love.

I feel sorry for my boss. He drove me to this. He made me unhappy, and then he refused to try to make things right when he knew I was unhappy. And now, I'm the last technical person here. I inherited the network, and I was supposed to be a sysadmin, as well as a support engineer. And he didn't even try to keep me.

Oh well. It's not my problem anymore. I want to be happy. And as bad as things are here, I'm not opposed to make people suffer here. I kinda feel bad, but I tried my best to make things work.

PFFT to employers who treat their employees like $#!+. Karma will kick your ass later.

Published: June 6, 2000
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