June 7, 2000

Wireless experts: What The..??
   by rameses <>

It seems like every company out there wants to be associated with the wireless world. And why not? Analysts predict a gazillion users by the end of 2005. So every company that has half its arse in some tech area claims to be wireless enabled/experts.

Recently there was a meeting of so called 'wireless experts.' They met and talked about the future of wireless standards and which technologies will prevail. Compaq, Cisco, Dell and others as wireless experts. PFFT!

I mean what the..?? A conference without the likes of Ericsson, Lucent, Qualcomm, etc cannot make any impact to the future of wireless technology and standards to adopt. Ericsson and Nokia delineate the wireless networks and what it should look like years in advance. So to all those no name tech firms who claim to be wireless experts a big ...PFFT !!

Published: June 7, 2000
Editor: stacy

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