June 8, 2000

Invoking Murphy's Law
   by ocelot <>

In the almost-a-year I've lived in this house, I haven't watered the lawn once. However, with the dry weather and 80 degree temperatures we've been having lately, it was getting pretty darn dry. The ground was even starting to crack. So, last night, I decided to water the lawn.

And, of course, it rained last night.

So this morning, I leave for work. It's a bit chilly and overcast, and I think about going back for a jacket. But I'm already running late so I decide to skip it - the weather forecast didn't mention rain, and it should clear up as the day goes on.

Just as I left for lunch, it started pouring.

After getting completely soaked during the two block walk to Taco Hell, I decide that it's about time that I get a raincoat. Somehow, I've managed to survive a year and a half in a town noted for rain with only a heavy (but not waterproof) jacket and a (also not waterproof) windbreaker. So I go to the student store, where all they have are these overpriced, bright yellow monstrosities. I almost decide to wait until I can get somewhere with decently colored/priced jackets, but it's still raining out, and I have to get back to work and I'm tired of being soaked. So I buy one of the monstrosities.

I step outside, and the rain stops.

By the time I get to work, it's sunny and warm.


Published: June 8, 2000
Editor: robin

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