June 9, 2000

Send Me My Riches!
   by stacy <>

I'm having some trouble with the Payroll and Accounting people at the place where I work. The deposit slip I gave them to setup direct deposit had an incorrect routing number, and they told me I had to get the correct one.

OK, no problem. I called the bank, and they were very happy to give me the correct number. I gave it to the payroll lady, but she said that wasn't good enough. She needed to have a piece of paper that had my name, my account number, and the routing number on it. PFFT!

I finally persuaded her to take the new routing number and set it up anyway, but she said she would eventually need a check that had all of it on there. I just ordered two boxes of checks a couple of months ago, and I hardly ever use them. My bank merged with another in the meantime, so that's why there's an incorrect number on there in the first place.

I'll either have to order some new checks, which the bank recommends anyway, or get some temporary ones so I can give one to the payroll lady and get her off my back. PFFT PFFT PFFT!

Published: June 9, 2000
Editor: stacy

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