July 5, 2000

You just can't trust some people
   by stacy <>

When I say you can't trust some people, I mean you can't rely on them to do what they say they'll do. Case in point: there's a very big package at my apartment complex front office waiting for me to pick it up. The people who work in the office said they'd send it with the maintenance guys to my apartment that afternoon. They didn't. The same the next day, and the next Monday. I just called them today, hoping they would tell me it had already been taken care of, but no such luck. I hope it's there when I get home, or I'm going to be really annoyed.

I don't understand why it's so hard to do what you say you'll do. If somebody tells me, "Sure, no problem, in fact, we can do this to make it easier for you," I do appreciate that you want to make my life easier, but failing to follow through on that doesn't do anything but piss me off. Sentiment alone isn't worth squat. And no thanks for the empty offer!

I understand that there are some situations that can't be solved so quickly. I work in IT, and sometimes I tell people I'll fix their problem, and I will, but I can't get to it right away for whatever reason. However, that does not mean I'm not working on it. And this business with the package is not a difficult problem. They just need to tell the people to drop it off sometime between now and 6pm. That's not so hard, is it?

If I don't get it today, I'll just go by with a truck tomorrow and get it myself. If you want something done right...

Published: July 5, 2000
Editor: stacy

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