July 11, 2000

Street Bums
   by indavis <>

I am taking a class in downtown L.A. Not a big deal, except for everytime I venture out into the sunlight to procure some lunch, I am attacked by people with no other purpose in life than to leech the money right out of my wallet. Yes folks, panhandlers, and I'm not talking about people from North Texas. They have even gotten so bold as to come in the fast food establishment and stand around shedding until you fork over some dough.

Well, today I was caught off guard. Joe Streetbum walked in and immediately headed for me. Thinking fast, I handed over one of the two fresh baked chocolate chip cookies I had just purchased. He thanked me and proceeded to hit up the rest of the patrons.

I know I am going to catch it over this, but Pfft! on him. I want my cookie back. I wanted to lose weight, but on my own terms!

Published: July 12, 2000
Editor: robin

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