August 16, 2000

Isn't it ironic? Doncha think?
   by stacy <>

I got a new bank account yesterday. I'm planning on buying a new car sometime in the very near future, and many people have told me that the best loans are issued by credit unions, so I went by a local credit union and opened a checking account. I'm still debating whether I want to use this as my primary account, with direct deposit and all, or whether it will remain a backup account that is mainly useful to have in justifying why this credit union can give me a car loan. There's no rush on this decision.

This morning I went to the bank's webpage and looked for the online access. I found it, and clicked on "Sign Up." I expected some sort of webform that would let me apply online and then hit the magic "Submit" button. That's how my other bank let me do it. Instead, I got a form that has to be printed out, filled out the old-fashioned way, and mailed or brought to the bank. They can't do electronic applications for online access.

My question is: Why?? It's for online access, you'd think they could let you sign up for it online. If I was interested in mailing stuff to the bank or (heaven forbid!) going there myself, I'd do all my banking with a teller. What makes it so difficult to process applications online? If they're worried about security, I want to introduce them to all the other banks that have secure applications online, in addition to all the stockbrokers, merchants, and companies that have no problems doing business with their customers online.

The problem is probably that they just don't have anyone knowledgable enough to set up a good online application for them. I suppose it's my own fault for not inquiring about online access yesterday when I got the account, but silly me, I just assumed it would be a simple matter of visiting the website. That's what I get for assuming too much.

Published: August 16, 2000
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