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August 24, 2000

Rich or Kelly - Most Objectionable Wins
   by stacy <>

In the case of Survivor, the most objectionable certainly did win. Richard is the snake who deserves to have his head cut off, and he's totally objectionable if for no other reason than we had to watch his love-handles in motion way too many times. That sort of thing should be scrambled on network TV, much like his other infamous body parts were. And Kelly, while not the most likable person on the planet, at least has a body that doesn't make the camera lose heart.

I was rooting for Colleen. As everybody knows, she got kicked off way back. I put full responsibility on the idiots in the Pagong tribe who couldn't figure out how to band together (and get Sean with them) to stop Richard's alliance dead in its slither. Then I was for Sue, who I saw as one of the nicest people left. I was slightly off with that judgment, as I saw when she got very nasty with Kelly on several occations. Rudy would have been ok with me too, but he was very good at staying so far out of the spotlight that even I sort of forgot he was there.

Back to Kelly. I think she got a raw deal from several of the other Survivor contestants. I can't see how she ever betrayed Sue's friendship. So she got friendly with Jenna and Colleen for a while, can you blame her? She regretted joining the alliance because her allies were viper-spitting jerks and all at least 20 years older than her. Jenna and Colleen were sitting ducks, but at least they were having a good time. I don't think she ever intended to start voting against the alliance members, and she probably wasn't smart enough to try to get another alliance going. Sue's lash against her was something of a surprise to me, but it made me want to see Sue go down and definitely not win it all.

The final episode demonstrated what a sad excuse for a human being Sue really is. Her tongue-lashing of Kelly was inexcusable, and I hope she encounters a lot of people who feel the same way. I know most of America thinks Richard is a lying bastard who probably deserved that child abuse arrest, and I am also hoping he gets nabbed for tax evasion with that million he won. Kelly really could have used that money -- she's wanted for credit card fraud in North Carolina. Getting that million instead of Rich could have saved her from a life on the run.

The whole show got a big PFFT! from me when I saw the end and that Richard was the winner. I wish now that Kelly had voted Rich off instead of Rudy at the end. At least then the winner would have been somebody not totally disgusting - both in body and personality.

Published: August 24, 2000
Editor: stacy

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