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August 30, 2000

$9 a Movie!
   by CopperBlue <>

Well, I saw another guy post that he's paying $8 to see a movie nowadays. Currently where I live, it's $9 a ticket. They should really give the cashiers guns. Not only have the ticket costs skyrocketed, but the concession stand is completely ridiculous. If you order a small popcorn and a small soda, the cost here is more than $10. That's $10 for about 50 cents worth of food and drink. And the silliness doesn't stop there. If you get to the movie on-time you're forced to sit through some more concession stand barking, the "Jimmy Fund" where the only one getting any money is the theatre manager (we'll call him Jimmy), and then typically 15-20 minutes of ads and trailers. I don't mind the trailers since I love film, but if I'm paying $9 a seat, $10 for popcorn and soda, and $5 for "Jimmy," why in the world do I have to sit through 5-10 advertisements on the big screen? Do the theatres really need to rape me this hard? I realize that a good portion of the ticket price gets kicked back to the studio, but come on. That still leaves a huge chunk of change the theatre is making on one seat in their theatre. The real problem that I have here though, is that I don't have a choice of theatres in my area. Every one of the theatres locally is owned by Hoyts and they all share the same pricing policy. Ugh.

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Published: August 30, 2000
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