September 1, 2000

100 Stories of PFFT!
   by stacy <>

This is the 100th story at What a milestone, huh? I want to thank all the readers and writers who have contributed to this website over the.. months.. and I hope we get to 200 twice as fast as we got here. Keep up the good work. Also, we're trying to develop our "Movies" category a little bit, with either your PFFT! stories relating to going to the movies, or movie reviews. Any contributions in this area would be greatly appreciated.

Now, back to your regularly scheduled editorial.

There are some flaws in the US Postal Service. Anyone who lives in or ever deals with the US will know and understand that. This latest complaint comes from the 3 weeks I spent a short time ago where I received no mail because the mail carrier decided he shouldn't deliver stuff with my name on it to my mailbox. There were some important documents that were sent to me during that time, and although I did finally receive them, they were later than I had hoped and some stuff I was working on was delayed.

However, I want to thank the people at Copyleft for helping me out during this time. I ordered their DeCSS t-shirt (in support of 2600 and the programmers who wrote a DVD decrypting program), but because none of my mail was delivered, it got lost in the mail. The Post Office employees told me there was no way for them to locate the mail that was sent to me during that time, but Copyleft was kind enough to send another shirt. Many companies would have said, "Too bad. We shipped it, it's not our fault."

The post office could use some reorganization. I know it would be impossible for them to track every piece of mail that's sent like UPS or FedEx, but it would be nice. It would also be nice if they would just deliver mail to the address it's sent to, no matter what the name is on it!

Published: September 1, 2000
Editor: stacy

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