September 8, 2000

A backhoeing we will go, a backhoeing we will go....
   by jonafun

Ok. I work in IT. I'm a network engineer and sysadmin by trade. So I'm used to this. But DAMMIT, I am going to BITCH about it.

Why the HELL can't people stop driving backhoes and pipe saws through fiber conduits? Did Belkin silk screen "Cut Me Pretty Pretty Please With A Cherry On Top" on the side of my single mode OC-48 carrying fiber? Do we really need to start running fiber conduits next to natural gas pipes? I'm sure Joe Moron Backhoedriver wont cut through -that- without seriously reconsidering his relationship with the Administrator (tm), or at least getting his will in order. So why should my valuable data be any different?

Please, please, PLEASE, someone pass a law allowing me to sue the DRIVER (not just the company, but the careless fucking DRIVER!!) who drops a backhoe blade across my fiber. Companies can go under because some hick moron didn't look for fiber when he was looking for gas lines, and just pulled a "Drop it here, Frank!"


Published: September 8, 2000
Editor: stacy

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