September 8, 2000

SLEEEEEEEP (or lack thereof)
   by ZenShadow

My timely PFFT! for the week involves one simple concept: time. I believe it may have been Douglas Adams that postulated that time is really a scam invented by the Swiss in order to sell watches. I think he's correct. If it wasn't him, I apologize to the originator.

We really need to adjust society's concept of a 'day.'

See, my body likes to run 20-hour days. That only leaves four hours of sleep before I have to do it all again, which isn't much for someone who likes to put in 20-hour days.

Oh, and I -need- those twenty hours by the way. TOO MUCH JUNK TO DO!

So I can do one of two things: I can adapt to society, or society can adapt to me. Me being the bastard I am, I want society to adapt to me. VOTE FOR PERSONALIZED FLEXIBLE SCHEDULES! PFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFT TO THE REST OF THE "SANE" WORLD!

--ZS (30 hrs no sleep and counting...)

Published: September 8, 2000
Editor: stacy

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