September 11, 2000

Wanna Know How To Legally Steal Money?
   by ZenShadow

The answer is simple: start up a new bank.

Okay, so it isn't technically stealing, but still...

Haven't you noticed lately how you get that $10 charge per month if you're below a certain balance? Or, as my roommate just found out, the $29 charge for a stop-payment on a check? What if, god forbid, you want to get your money out of the ATM? $1.50 please, and that's if you're lucky!

I have a new business idea: a bank that doesn't charge fees. I mean, we give the banks our money to hold onto so it'll be safe, right? In the mean time, the bank invests this money and makes all sorts of gobs of cash. I'd take the investment profit quite happily, personally.

So I guess I'm just gonna have to go find some VC partners out there to begin NOSB -- that's National Open Source Bank to you, pal. PFFT!


Published: September 11, 2000
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