September 12, 2000

Icon't stand it anymore!
   by indavis <>

Time for another useless rant. This one is about web clipping apps with the default icon. As a developer of web clipping apps, I have the right to whine about this one. At the risk of being banned for life, this even includes you guys at PFFT. How hard can it be to crank out a little 30x30 icon? It gets hard to remember what all these web clipping apps do when they have the same icon. For some reason, I can remember what their purpose is by the icon, but the names don't give me a clue sometimes. Especially when the name is something like "rr." I'm not even artistic and I can crank them out all day long. If you have a Palm VII and you have downloaded more than one web clipping app, then you know what I am talking about. I counted the web clipping apps that I have installed on my VII and came up with these numbers. Twelve out of sixty do not have a unique icon. They all have the default palm icon. That means that 1/5th of my web clipping apps all look the same. Pfft on that. Come on people get with the program. Let's see some creativity.

[Editor's note: A new WCA for PFFT! is available here ;P]

Published: September 12, 2000
Editor: robin

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