September 17, 2000

Hurry Up and Order
   by jsteven <>

Every time I go on a road-trip it's necessary for me to make occasional pit stops for food and gas. I usually end up stopping at some gas station or popular fast food restaurant. Normally I try to stay as far away from fast food joints as I can, but when you're on the road, they're fast and they're cheap. I'm telling you, I absolutely hate the people who decide they need to either order something that's not on the menu, or completely change the food they order. These people must never eat at real restaurants, where changing the order is down-right rude. "Hi, I'd like this without any pickles and put some bacon on that. I'd also like a side order of fries with the nacho cheese on it. A large soda, no ice, two straws." See the one thing I accually respect about some fast food places is that they try their best to simplify the ordering process. "Hi, I'd like a #1, Sprite." Bang. Done.

There's another thing these terrible people like to do: they like to change the order after the employee has pushed the TOTAL button. PFFT!

Just HURRY up and order!

Published: September 18, 2000
Editor: stacy

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