Road Kill

September 21, 2000

Daily PFFT! - Idiot Drivers
   by yawetag

I hope this is the first in many of my "Daily PFFT!"s -- where I will *try* to give an example of something that makes me go PFFT during the day.

I will begin my saga with Idiot Drivers. I know this topic has been talked about before, but I think North Carolina must have some of the dumbest drivers. Not only that, I think we have the oldest. Only in NC can someone renew their license without actually going to the DMV.

Aside from that fact, I'll return to the topic on hand. As I was going to my Mom's work to take her out to lunch (which was good, thanks), I was stopped by a red light. I was, as usual, the first car stopped. In the oncoming lane, there was a "Granny-mobile" with someone who wants to turn left when the light is green.

I'm not positive, but I believe that no states have a "Left-of-Way" rule, yet I've seen this so many times that I expect it to happen. The light turns green, and instead of the idiot waiting for traffic to pass before turning left, he decides to turn left IN FRONT OF ME! If I hadn't just bought this car in May, I probably would have gone ahead and let the man hit me.

I decided on blowing my horn, giving a nice salute to the idiot, and saying out loud "PFFT!"

Published: September 21, 2000
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