October 4, 2000

Not having any PFFTs
   by yawetag

I know, I know... I've gotten hell from a lot of you for not writing a "Daily PFFT!" lately. OK, it was only 2 of you, but in my books that is a lot.

Let me just start by saying the past week or so has been great. Nothing PFFT-like has happened, except the fact that work laid-off one of my co-workers, which didn't bother me since he worked 1st shift anyway.

So it seems the only PFFT! I have had lately is not having any PFFTs. I know that it's a good thing to not have any PFFTs, but when it seems people are actually enjoying reading your articles, it's hard to write when there's nothing to write about. Apparantly, journalism is not my given path. :)

As I said, the past week has been pretty good. Right before I started writing at PFFT, I had returned to a place that I had left over a year ago. I was amazed when they welcomed me back with open arms and extended hands.

I've also found a few friends that I lost last year because of some actions I took. It was great to talk to them and find out that they missed me just as much as I missed them. I've given my apologies and most of them have been accepted so far.

I've recently realized that because of my enduring love of someone, I had lost the love and friendship of over 100 people. I burned quite a few bridges the past year, and I'm slowly rebuilding them. Everyday a new one seems to be erected and I have yet to find one that can't be erected with some truth-telling and apologizing.

So, to conclude, I PFFT the fact that I've had a great week, but I hope that by writing this, my week doesn't turn sour.

Published: October 4, 2000
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