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October 6, 2000

Nosey Workers
   by yawetag

The company I work for just finished doing some downsizing... ermm, cutbacks... ermm, lay-offs, of some associates... ermm, workers. The rumors are going around on exactly how many there were, and all I know for certain is that one of the people that works in my department was slated to be laid-off. Luckily for him, the 3rd shift operator had given his two-week notice the week before, so he had the choice of taking 3rd shift or being laid-off.

Anyway, all of this happened on Monday and Tuesday of this week. Today I have received at least 5 phone calls from different people around the company saying they heard people were laid-off and wanted to know who they were. I have told them all the exact same thing: "Ask your HR Director at your location if you really want to know. I will not disclose information like that for the fact that I don't think the employees that were laid-off would like the fact that everyone knows who they were."

Because of this, I have gotten some rude comments, but I don't really care. If I had been the one laid-off, I would hope that my fellow co-workers wouldn't disclose that information to any Tom, Dick, Jane, or Sally that works here.

So, I give my Daily PFFT! to Nosey People who think they have to know everything about everyone!

Published: October 6, 2000
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