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October 17, 2000

Rated NC-17 for excessive Gore and explicit Bush?
   by mike <>

Answer: A pissing contest.

What was the question? Oh yes, yes.. What has the presidential race become?

This is laughable. Just look at our two would-be presidents! Gore is so dull that Mr. Clean couldn't make him shine, and Bush wants such loose gun laws that the average citizen will have a larger armament than Fort Knox. PFFT!

I shudder at the thought that whichever one of these losers becomes a winner will likely be appointing four Supreme Court justices (when is Rehnquist going to die, anyway? - he's so old!). It also makes me cringe when I realize that either of the two candidates will have access to nuclear weapons.

With all the issues facing the public today, such as abortion rights, gay/lesbian rights, hate crimes and war, why in the hell is this election being centered around opinions on gun control? Granted, it's a big issue, but state your position and move on to the real pressing issues. This always happens - the candidates avoid the important things because they don't want to piss anyone off. Then, when they're in office, they make their opinion known, shocking about half of their constituents. Bad news.

My opinion? We're screwed. Vote for Nader. Or just sit down and read Playboy. I never liked politics anyway.

Published: October 17, 2000
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