October 18, 2000

No means no
   by robin

There are some people out there who could really use a phone book therapy. When I say no, it really means no and the more you try to convince me otherwise, the stronger my resistance will be.

I got this phone call tonight from a guy working for MCI Worldcom, which is my long distance carrier. He offered to switch my local phone service to them so that I would only get one bill, instead of two, and also end up paying less for the same service. I told him my local phone provider is Southwestern Bell and I'm satisfied with their service (believe it or not!).

That's when the situation got interesting. He started to insist that I listen to him. Can you believe that? How much more obnoxious can you get? I politely repeated I'm not interested. He then pretty much called me an idiot and kept insisting I had to listen to him. Starting to be irritated, I told him I'm not interested and to please not call me again.

But he kept going!! I couldn't believe it. I could have just hung up on him, but then he or someone else probably would have called again. I had to ask to speak to his manager three times (the third time shouting) to make him stop.

I finally talked to his manager, who obviously had more professional skills. She said everything was fine and that she'd take note that I should not be contacted again.

Admittedly, seeing how out-of-line this guy was amused me. The deal he was offering me was probably alright, but the way he presented it ruined his pitch. PFFT! to that guy and all the other telemarketers out there that won't take no for an answer.

Published: October 18, 2000
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