October 19, 2000

CONGRATULA... oh, screw it
   by yawetag

I was given the proud honor, along with a few other people, to help a very good friend plan his engagement weekend with his sweetheart of almost 3 years. He wanted some "outside" ideas on how to make the weekend as sweet as he possibly could.

Needless to say, there were a few great ideas posted on the message board he set up for us. We all brainstormed as much as we could, with the females seeming to give what they would want in the perfect weekend, and the males telling of ways they would do the honors.

We were all excited for our friend, and we couldn't wait for the weekend to come and for him to return and say that they would be getting married.

Today, my friend calls his soon-to-be fiancee, to which he was greeted with a "I thought you were just kidding about the engagement, so I was going along with it." PFFT! She continued to say that she wasn't ready to get engaged anytime soon.

You could only imagine how pissed he was. He's decided to cancel all plans he had for the weekend. I know that parts of it were already reserved and ready to be set up, which included plans to ask her father to take his daughter's hand in marriage.

So, to the women that just *love* to change plans, I give you a big, fat PFFT!

Actually, when I think about it, changing plans is just fine... just changing plans this BIG isn't. So, to the women that just love to change BIG plans, I give you a big, fat PFFT!

Not only do you hurt the men that are closest to you, you also hurt his friends. Even though you may not realize it, they're the ones that are there for him when you aren't. They are the ones that have to tell him that it's ok that you didn't call today... you were just out with friends or busy with school or work. They're also the ones that care about your relationship and want to see it become something they've either dreamed of or experienced themselves.

No, we may not know *you* personally, but we know about you. We probably know more about you than you know about you. And when you hurt our friends, you hurt us too.

Think about that the next time you tell him you're "not ready."

Published: October 19, 2000
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