October 25, 2000

Typical Government!
   by indavis <>

I was sitting down watching tv for a few minutes the other night, in between getting the kids ready for bed and starting my next 6 hours of work. I saw a commercial that I will summarize to keep from putting you to sleep. Basically it shows a few kids, one at a time, with some writing on them, and the punchline is "All you need to do to keep your kids off drugs is spend time with them." Sounds simple enough. Good message. I can't argue with that. Then it hit me, "If 50% of my income didn't go directly to the government in one way, shape, or fashion, I could spend a lot more time with them." Instead, to keep our little family afloat, I have to work like crazy, and my wife has to do the same. This means that there's a lot of "quality time" that we could be spending with our children, that we are now spending working for the government. The very people telling me how to raise my children (and spending MY tax dollars to do it) are the ones that are keeping me from spending more time with them. Talk about unmitigated gall. I would venture to guess that it took a "study" to figure this little nugget of information out as well, which I am sure didn't happen for free. The tax freedom day was May 3 this year. This means that you and I worked 124 days out of 365 just to pay the government. Once again, this is another topic that I could go on and on about. So I will just cut to the chase.

Do me a favor Big Government, if you are going to take my money and deprive me of time with my kids, then please don't turn around and spend it telling me how to raise them! Also, I want my money back.

Published: October 25, 2000
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