October 31, 2000

No PFFTs Today
   by stacy <>

I am really excited right now. In a good way (no, not in that way, gutter-mind). was listed as the Cool WAP Site of the Day for Oct. 30, 2000. Most of our readers probably didn't even know you can read PFFT! from a WAP-enabled mobile phone, but you can. And of all those sites you can get on your phone, on Oct. 30, we were the coolest! Go us!

I do want to clarify something from that article though. The site is not buggy. It's not the webmaster's fault (and I am not the webmaster, by the way). It's the fault of writers, like me, and I admit I'm probably the worst. WAP is apparently very picky about what kind of HTML it will display correctly, so any pages that the reviewer had problems with were probably so because they contained tags that his phone didn't know how to handle. If any web readers encounter any bugs at all, please don't hesitate to let us know.

Wow. What a day. I'm feeling very proud of my little website here, and I'm glad so many people have found it a useful and neat alternative to most of the pointless drivel that's supposed to be online content. OK, my title lies. PFFT! to the drivel. And Cool Wap Site of the Day rocks!

Published: October 31, 2000
Editor: stacy

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