November 3, 2000

   by indavis <>

First I would like to congratulate Pfft! on their award. Now to get down to the hot topic. Where are all the Pfft's? Is it that rosy out there for everyone that we can't get some decent reading material? I know I have plenty to Pfft about, but I think most of it would come across as boring. Not that this one isn't any better. I could go on about falling asleep at work because I am up all hours of the night, or having to go through the process of smogging our crappy car, or the fact that work is piling up faster than I can shovel it, but I won't. I know that I can't be the only person having a bad week out there. It's time to put down what you are doing and vent. Whatever you are trying to do right now will be there when you are done, right? So drop it for a few minutes and get cracking. I could write about the really cool new digital camera that I bought and don't have any time to use it. That's pfftable right there, but I will attempt to stay on topic and just lament the fact that no one else is having any problems.

Here's an idea. We need Pfft! and !Pfft . For those of you that aren't programmers, the ! is used as "not" in some languages. For instance 1!= 2 is like saying 1 is not equal to 2. So here's my proposal. Instead of just writing about Pfft! lets also reverse it and write about !Pfft. I will compose a little story about my new camera because that's definitely a !Pfft. Not being able to spend a lot of time using it is a Pfft! Who's with me?

Published: November 3, 2000
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