On the Job

November 4, 2000

Moving Blues
   by stacy <>

Now this is PFFTable if ever anything was. I had to come in to work today, a Saturday, because my department and another department in our building are moving to another floor. This is a totally new floor so nothing was set up yet. Fortunately, they didn't snag us to actually move anything (we're computer professionals, we don't do manual labor!) but we have to plug all the computers back together and make sure they can get on the network.

I don't mind any of that. Even patching the offices into the network, which I hate doing, isn't so bad because it's a new floor and the wiring closet isn't a mess yet. Unfortunately, somebody forgot to coordinate with the movers because all they moved yesterday were people's boxes, which we are not touching. They aren't moving the computers until this morning, and that sucks! We've got nothing to do for the next couple of hours while they start doing that. It's a good thing everyone in my department moved all our stuff yesterday afternoon so we wouldn't have to wait for the movers, and I can type in this editorial from my workstation.

PFFT! to being at work on the weekends, not doing anything, but not allowed to leave either.

Published: November 4, 2000
Editor: stacy

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