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November 9, 2000

Fire Drill or Breaktime?
   by indavis <>

I work for a company, which will remain anonymous at this time, who has been having fire drills all day long. The joke about it is that someone came around taking down all of our names so that "when we have the fire drill around 10:30 I can mark everyone down." What kind of fire drill is it that gets announced beforehand? Of course we all showed up outside and had our names crossed off the list, but why bother. It was more of a break than a fire drill. All it proved was that we could walk up the stairs without trampling each other. Now had it been a real fire or an earthquake, it might have played out a little differently.

But after all this, that's not my real problem here. I got up from my desk to walk up and get a snack. I was craving a candy bar. Since I work in the IT department, they felt it mandatory to put us underground with no natural light or windows. I feel like a mushroom. So back to the story, I walked up the stairs and was met by a security person. He was right in between me and the vending machine. He made a little small talk, and then informed me there was another fire drill going on for a different part of the building, and I either had to go outside or back downstairs. I discussed with him my options on using the vending machine. Let's just say that I guess I am starting a diet today. Pfft! I really wanted that candy bar.

Published: November 9, 2000
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