November 11, 2000

Acting Editor's log, stardate 25526724.923...
   by jonafun

Well, the Editor and the Publisher are on vacation this week, and they've asked me to play Editor while they're away. So, thus begins the Reign of Jonafun, muwhahahahahahaha.....

OK, so maybe not. I'd just like to take a little time right now, and bring you, the viewing public, the top ten PFFTable things from my last couple weeks.

So, without further ado..... *drumroll from ZenShadow*

Jonafun's Top Ten PFFT! List For The Last Few Weeks

  1. Sister falling down the stairs and cracking her tailbone! (ouch!)
  2. Driving your sister's rental car from Charleston SC back to Charlotte NC because they'll charge $450 to drive it back!
  3. Me, who crushed his ankle in an auto accident a couple years back and still has problems walking, driving a stickshift pickup truck through semi-rush hour traffic in downtown Charlotte NC!
  4. Soy sauce poisoning from Kyotos in Charleston! *bloat* (but damn, is the food -good-)
  5. Surly flight attendants on Continental flights who snap at you when you make a polite inquiry about the weather!
  6. Having to leave Mom again after only a few days visit... *sniff*
  7. Seeing the woman you loved with all your heart again for the first time in 6 months, and she doesnt even speak to you! (PFFFFFFFFFT!)
  8. Getting sick right after your vacation! (bleh! PFFT!)
  9. Being home for 6 days, being in "family meetings" for two of them, in charlotte for one of them, and packing/travelling for one of them... AND BEING TOO TIRED TO HANG OUT WITH MOM ON THE LAST ONE! (PFFT!)

And, the NUMBER ONE PFFTable thing from Jonafun's previous few weeks on Planet Earth.......



OK, so it wasn't all THAT bad. It could've been worse. I could've been stuck next to the most frightened flier of all time. Or I could've been rerouted through Topeka, then Walla Walla, then Pittsburgh, all on my way home. But there hasn't been many PFFT's lately, so I figured I'd kick the week off with a few.

So, keep those PFFT stories coming! I need to look like an efficient Acting Sole Totalitarian Dictator^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^W^WActing Editor...


PS - happy honeymoon R and S :) Bring us lots of cool stuff!

Published: November 11, 2000
Editor: stacy

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