On the Job

November 14, 2000

Blast Furnace!
   by indavis <>

I walk into the building that I work in, and as I round the corner leading to my cubicle, it hits me right in the face. "What hit you?" you ask. "Fire! Directly from hell" I tell you. It was hot enough to immediately dry out my eyes. I heard a popping sound when I went to blink.

Is this really necessary. I went through this exact same scenario last winter. A couple of ladies on the same floor as me stage a hostile takeover of the thermostat. There is a twenty degree difference between the hallway and the room I work in. It's unbelieveable. Now normally I would just sit down and say to myself, "Self, you are just overreacting. It's not that bad." That's about the time that the secondary fans kick in on the server sitting by my desk. All summer long the fans never kicked in, we have a little cold spell here, and they crank the heat up so high that the cooling fans are running in my server.

Not only is it ridiculous, it justifies the fact that I AM HOT! I would like to post a message by the thermostat stating that "The next person who screws with this will pull back a nub." Pfft! on the heat and the old ladies. Put some clothes on for pete's sake, I am about to burst into flames. Ruins my whole day.

Published: November 14, 2000
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