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November 29, 2000

Go to school, get your degree and.. Go to school some more?
   by mike <>

The educational system in the United States and other countries is just plain wacky. Let's think about this for a second.

Most states have laws explaining that a child must attend school until the age of 16, at which time they may stop. Why would we do that? What's the sense of forcing them to go to school all their lives and stopping a mere two years before they get a diploma? This isn't what I'd call a winning combination.

College is no better! Supposedly an institution of higher education, you have a choice in colleges: Associate or Bachelor. Again stopping two years before a Bachelor's degree, you can earn an Associate's degree! Not only that, but a Bachelor's isn't even enough for most people! Master's.. Doctoral.. where does it end? Why not make everyone go for the full eight years of college? Then we'd all be Ph.D's and the world would be smart enough to get rid of static cling once and for all! Hell, maybe the cable repair guy could be on time just once. PFFT!

Education is playing an increasinly crucial role in society these days. Those with advanced degrees are making more money than ever, and those without are still making minimum wage plus tips. It's unjust and simply nonsense. Garbage men (I mean "Refuse-Handling Technicians") don't get paid enough to haul off most crap they deal with. Let's federally fund everyone's higher education and see what we get. Maybe we can devise a system to replace the electoral college such that 5 millionths of a percent of the country isn't deciding the election. Seriously.

However, we could screw the sad state of education in our country and just drool at the cool explosions and nice cleavage shots in Mission Impossible: 2. I'm all for it - who's got a DVD Player?

Published: November 29, 2000
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