December 19, 2000

To be or not to be an ALIEN?
   by rameses <>

In the land of politically correct statements has it not dawned on anybody to stop calling human beings visiting/living/working in the United States ALIENS? We have resident aliens, legal aliens and finally the ones we hear about on TV all the time....illegal aliens.

Ok, so the dictionary says 'alien' also means 'one owing allegiance to a foreign government,' but the word brings to mind something that is non-human (yes, it does) when it refers to individuals/people.

So why the fuck are these people called aliens? We have politically correct words for things that we'd really like to yell out sometimes. 'REALITY IMPAIRED,' 'cognitive imbalance,' 'obese,' and 'visually challenged' can be replaced with airhead, stupid, fat ass, and fuckin' blind!!!

The INS should rephrase the term alien with 'foreign.' It's politically correct and sounds better. 'Foreign worker' or 'foreign resident' -- see, it already sounds good. And by the way, the kid in the boat from Cuba was actually Pedro. The INS named him Elian so it would sound like Alien and the masses would not give a fuck!! So my message to everyone: stop referring to foreigners as aliens...pffft!!

Published: December 19, 2000
Editor: robin

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