December 25, 2000

"Not a creature was stirring..."
   by yawetag

No, the topic isn't in regards to Mike's obvious love of hearing "The Night Before Christmas" read by his love's relatives.

It's actually about my house. Just two weeks ago, we had three animals, two cats and a dog. As I have mentioned before, my dog had diabetes. On December 9th, we had to put him to sleep. He had gone blind and was losing weight fast. It was devastating, as we've had the dog for almost 10 years.

We made it through ok and started packing on the 15th for a week-long vacation, which included visiting my Grandparents and going on a cruise. As we were packing, one of our cats jumped off the bed, landed, and tumbled. She started walking funny, so we decided to call the vet. He met us at his office and decided to keep her overnight and told us to go on our trip, that he thought it was something minor.

We left for the trip, and when we arrived in Florida, we gave him a call. He said that she was fine, and that she should be ready to go home by the time we got home from our vacation.

We went on our cruise, which will probably end up being another PFFT! in a few days, and returned back to my Grandparents' house. Mom called the vet to see how our cat was doing, and we were informed that she had died the day after we called. Apparently, she had a tumor on her spleen, and when she landed from her jump, the tumor ruptured.

Some people think it's crazy to be so emotional over a pet, yet most of the people have never been so close to an animal. Cally has been in the family for over 11 years. She's been with me over half of my life.

Now it's Christmas night, and as we all settle down to go to sleep, I just lay there and realize how quiet the house is. We still have one cat, but he just lays around.

No, the animals aren't loud, but it feels weird to lay there and not feel Cally laying by my side, purring louder than the radio.

Published: December 26, 2000
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