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January 23, 2001

Keeping Time
   by mike <>

Humor me for a few moments. (I know, I'm supposed to be humoring you, but give me one week to simply vent, dammit.)

Let's say I am a doctor. At 10am, you make an appointment to see me for your violent illness. Each moment seems like hours as your empty stomach continues to incessantly heave, trying to expel contents no longer there. Your appointment is scheduled at 3pm - the earliest I can see you. (I don't even get into my office until 2:30pm.)

You manage to wait it out and stumble into my office. Clutching your barf bucket, you try to contain your heaving, so no other patients are sickened by your affliction. Time passes, and you aren't seen until 5:15pm.

At this point, whether I can cure you or not, I have wasted the remainder of your day, not to mention caused needless suffering. Why can't doctors just keep a simple schedule? You KNOW you always fall behind, why not schedule more "buffer time" between patients so you don't keep people waiting for eternity?


Published: January 23, 2001
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